Sunday, August 30, 2009

Headlines: Aug 30

Thousands mourn Iraqi Shia leader
- Millions don't.

Fort Bliss soldier charged with murder incompetent for trial
- But not for military service?

Garrido admitted to drug-fueled sex fantasies
- How come they never let me in?

Mentally ill woman shot by cops sues
- Are they like gangsters molls?

Kidnapped Girl Etched in Tahoe Community's Heart
- You can still see her artwork on Main Street.

Experts: Media today would demand Chappaquiddick answers
- Kennedy today would not give them.

What happens to your virtual world after you die?
- Your Second Life goes on.

TV chat show star Simon Dee dies
- Simon Dee ceased.

Why is blood so costly?
- Well, would you want to use cheap blood? Thought not.