Monday, October 5, 2009

Justices Decline to Hear Some 2000 Cases

After 9 years, I'm not surprised...

Homeless Man Gets 15 Years for Stealing Box of Cereal

Let's hope he likes porridge too.

Despite Loss of Legs, Conn. Teen Excels in Swimming

Why not? Fish manage well enough.

FTC: Bloggers Must Disclose Payments

That won't take me very long...

Teenage girls jump to their deaths in suspected suicides

Suspected?  Unless they found broken bungee-cords, I'd say definite.

Sleeping with boss often leads to trouble

But then, so does sleeping with anyone else.

Judge accused of sex with inmates

His defense: judicial privilege?

Cinemagoers flock to Zombieland

But how many come back alive?

Pilots protest over flying hours

Why protest if they're having fun?