Friday, October 2, 2009

Opinioin poll put Tories in clear lead

With 101%?

FBI Fears Terror Group Targeting U.S

And when the FBI's afraid, we should be very afraid...

Jobs Cuts Unexpectedly Accelerate

I blame those floor mats...

Census: U.S. immigrant population flat

Of course, they only counted the ones who weren't hiding...

Qantas criticised over foreign butter

Nobody cares that they buy foreign jet fuel, though...

White House: Olympics vote not repudiation of Obama

No, just of Chicago.

Juvenile behind presidential assassination survey, feds say

So when do we get the results?

Man's ashes laid to rest in computer

Let's hope they remembered to disconnect the fan...

Video Of Captured Israeli Soldier Released

Captured video of released soldier would be better, though.

La. Teacher Union Files Complaint Against Recuiter

Upset by his spelling?

Man jailed for new father murder

A double patricide?