Friday, September 25, 2009

Puppies born in police cruiser

Was the bitch arrested for littering?

Fanged Frog Found in Bangkok

Is this a sequel to An American Werewolf in Paris?

'Bin Laden' urges Afghan pull-out

But it's his fault we're there.

Ohio Mother Implanted With Wrong Embryo Gives Birth

Pushing the cuckoo out of the nest...

Dying patients may lose medicine

Have they looked under the bed?

Inquiry after police officer seen eating sausage roll

Who took his doughnut?

Michael Jackson praises Princess Di, Hitler in new book

Which of them can he now visit?

Cold, Scared Dinosaurs Dug Burrows

Didn't save them, though.

FBI Terror Stings Show We Still Have to Be Concerned

Yes, don't buy bombs from strangers.

Leaders Demand Iran Open Nuclear Plant

I thought they wanted it closed...

Durable Goods Unexpectedly Fall

Now we can see just how durable they really are.

DARPA Wants Space Cleaning Ideas

How about a vacuum cleaner?

CanJet hijacker unaware actions were illegal: lawyer

Is that the best defense he could come up with?

Burning animal video found after dogfight arrest

Someone was trying to destroy the evidence?