Thursday, September 3, 2009

Police officer 'urinated' on poker machine

Hoping for a flush?

Whistleblower asks Queen for help

Wouldn't a younger person have stronger lungs?

Top 10 Computer Worms of All Time

I don't think I'll click on that webpage.

Feds detail who dies from swine flu

Playing God, as usual.

Why Parents May Cause Gender Differences in Kids

Is it perhaps because they often have gender differences themselves?

Obama Seeks to Turn Tide in Health Debate

Maybe he'll have better luck than Canute.

U.K. Docs Worry Patients Dying Prematurely

But reassuring them wouldn't be honest.

Prehistoric Hand Axes Older Than Once Thought

Once, they were thought to be new.

Expect heavy rainfall from today's storms

What else?  I was hardly expecting meatballs.

Stanford University endowment loses big

Apparently, so did this headline.