Monday, August 31, 2009

Headlines: Aug 31

Spider phobia treatment goes online
- But arachnophobes won't touch the Web.

China's 'unluckiest generation' reflects on cost of revolution
- And on its pronunciation?

New Orleans Sees an Opportunity to Improve on Its Past
- That won't be difficult.

Texas law makes Sept. 11 a holiday for firefighters
- And a field day for arsonists?

Economists Are Split on Inflation
- Next time, don't blow them up so hard.

Baker Hughes to Buy BJ Services
- Does his wife know?

Heavier Drinking Linked to Heavier Exercise
- If elbow-bending counts...

Conn. Man Advertises Parents on Craigslist for $155
- Is there an extra “n” in that headline?

Therapist charged with having sex with 14-year-old
- And isn’t there a space missing from this one?

EU to begin phasing out standard lightbulbs
- Once again, the lights are going out all over Europe.