Thursday, September 10, 2009

Town Maintained Pot in Flower Baskets on High Street

What better place?

GM to let customers return cars for full refund

'Cash for clunkers' is back in business, I see.

California lawmaker admits sex talk, not affair

So he admits he's a liar, but denies he's an adulterer?

Most ancient coloured twine found

Really? I thought most of it was lost for ever.

Missing woman found safe

And went looking for the key?

Typical jumper: 40, white, single and male

Who said white men can't jump?

Ghost-hunting woman falls to death at U of T

Sometimes, the hunter becomes the hunted...

9 women rescued from fake reality show

A double oxymoron!

Phoenix gas bills are set to fall

Why does a phoenix need gas at all?

Hefner divorcing wife, keeping Playmates

Putting business before pleasure?