Friday, January 22, 2010

Train runs over drunk sleeper

That shouldn't matter, as long as the rails are sober.

Thousands of Georgia Children Lacking Second Shots

Good idea, that way they'll learn to hit the target first time.

Student 'Set Alight' At Fancy Dress Party

What did he expect when he dressed as a Roman candle?

Britons held over synagogue fires

...and slowly roasted?

Blind, deaf grandma jailed for benefit fraud

How will she even know she's in jail?

Police Say Georgia Mom Forced Son to Kill Hamster

Oh, are hamsters a protected species in Georgia?

'Noisy sex' woman spared prison

Out of consideration for her fellow inmates?

Suspension of West Texas sheriff remains

Strange fruit indeed...

N.C. Casino Cleans Slots Every 2 Hrs to Beat Virus

Will they also practice money laundering?