Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dying Manson follower loses bid for parole

No Libyan welcome for her...

Pompey 'just avoided going under'

Unlike Pompeii.

Obama's plan to speak to schoolchildren ignites furor in Dallas area

Because he doesn't plan to drive there in an open motorcade?

FAA Tightens Rules Over Hudson River

But will the geese pay any attention?


I'm changing the layout of the blog.  From now on, each headline will appear in a separate post, instead of combining each day's headlines into a single post.  This way, you'll get them sooner.  Hope you like the change.

More Headlines: Sep 2

Hijackers shoot dead cop
- Waste of a bullet.

Nearly 1 in 10 California seniors failed to pass high school exit exam
- After so many years, does it matter?

Freed journalists suspect they were trapped
- Yes, that's what "freed" implies.

Slim majority oppose Obama's health-care plan
- Naturally. They're the ones who least need it.

At 40, the Internet still reshaping history
- Thanks to Wikipedia, anyone can rewrite it.

Domestic battery case dropped against porn star
- Her vibrator's external power source?

Road widening can't go on forever, state leaders say
- Obviously not, or they won't have any state left.

Ancient wall found in Jerusalem
- What, another one?

BP Makes Gulf Oil Discovery
- Gulf Oil, however, has always known about BP.

Michael Jackson's estate will pay funeral costs
- Glad to see he died within his means.

Headlines: Sep 2

Bank robber: I did it to get away from wife
- Yeah, right.

US dinosaur had Chinese cousin
- Back then, they were neighbors.

Blast Kills Afghan Intelligence Official
- So much for Afghan intelligence.

Hunt on for Indian politician after chopper vanishes
- Perhaps he went to bury the hatchet?

N.Y. Wrong-Way Driver to Be Exhumed
- Was she buried the wrong way too?

Gay marriage critics file for DC referendum
- Wouldn't an AC/DC one be fairer?

SkyEurope collapse hits passengers
- They should have heeded Chicken Little.

Donor says he got $20,000 for kidney
- Wow!  How much would a seller have got?

Report: Woman blames shoplifting on her weight gain
- Which in turn she blames on her bank-robbing husband?